• ACT Dry Mouth Moisturizing Gum, 20 Pieces, With Xylitol, Sugar Free Soothing Mint

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    ACT DRY MOUTH GUM: This soothing mint flavored chewing gum is formulated with Xylitol. Bad breath can be caused by dry mouth, and ACT Dry Mouth Gum help relieve the uncomfortable feeling of dry mouth, moisturize mouth tissue, and freshen your breath.
    MOISTURIZE MOUTH TISSUE: ACT Dry Mouth Gum helps provide temporary relief from dry mouth wherever you are. Dry mouth, when your mouth produces less saliva, is a common side effect of prescription medications and can lead to gingivitis and bad breath.
    ACT FRESHENS BREATH: No one enjoys bad or sour breath, and fresh breath is one of the benefits of good oral health care. ACT’s soothing mint flavor leaves your mouth feeling cool, clean, and fresh, and ACT, gum, lozenges & mouthwashes help freshen breath.