• LULUKO Makeup Sponge Blender Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender for Foundations, Powders and Creams (4Pcs Blue)

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    Makeup Sponge Super-soft: these soft feeling and well bouncy beauty sponges, are made from high quality non-latex and non-allergic materials. It’s easy to optimize your beauty routine by using this multi-functional makeup sponge, a great choice from amateurs to pros.Can be used with foundation, cream blush, primers, powders and other makeup products.
    Beauty Routine of Makeup Blenger: make sure you run it under water, squeeze it a couple times under the water for a few seconds, then squeeze all of the excess water out. Dot foundation around your face and blend in with the wet makeup sponge.Or put foundation on the back of your hand, dab the wet sponge in it and then lightly bounce/blot the foundation on the face. It will expand roughly double in size when wet,as it dries it goes back to its normal size.
    Makeup Sponge Design: the rounded end of the sponge is great for blending on the cheeks, while the precision of the sponge’s tip makes covering minor imperfections easy. Use the flat edge around the nose and eyes for contouring, to get an enhanced, beautiful and smooth complexion that appears airbrushed flawless. Wet or Dry Dual-Use beauty sponges, dry for powder or highlight, wet for liquid or cream products.