• Rainbow Cos Premium Pro Makeup Sponge Beauty Foundation Sponge Blender for Applicator, Foundation and Highlight (Black)

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    PRODUCT QUALITY AND DESIGN : Rainbow Cos premium makeup sponges serve as multipurpose beauty tools, touch-ups and skin care treatments go smoothly with our versatile applicators. Our makeup sponge applicators feature high-quality materials and the disposable water drop shape has the flexibility to reach facial contours for smooth, even liquid makeup applications. The color are also the same after many assessment and testing, to ensure that no bleaching and durability.
    MAKEUP EFFECT : The flawless airbrushed look, smooth, professional results and get the perfect glow. The soft, pliable texture soaks up your favorite foundation and evenly pushes it into your skin with almost no effort on your part. You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to look amazing. Not with our blending sponge. Just tap it along on your face ever so slightly, lightly blend in your foundation, and let it do its job for amazing results.
    STORED AND CLEAN : Rainbow Cos sponge includes a plastic travel case and PP breathable bag for stored and dry place after washable respectively. We have created a unique high quality pack that will allow you to put your makeup sponge in your purse or to jet set to your next destination without worrying about it touching things.