Blender Bud

  • Blender Bud Makeup blender sponge airbrush finish latex free super soft (Purple)

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    PROFESSIONAL FLAWLESS FINISH. Create makeup like a pro effortlessly using Blender Bud. Perfect finish every time using your favorite foundation, primer or cream blush.
    PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCT. Inspired by NYC Designed a USA product design company, also trained in makeup and esthetics. Unlike latex used in many other makeup blender, which can cause skin irritations, Blender Bud is totally latex-free. We only work with the best manufacturers to design supremely soft makeup blenders. Blender Bud therefore is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic and recyclable.
    LUXURIOUSLY SUPER SOFT & LIGHT. Blender Bud is makeup sponge not a squash ball! We guarantee our sponge will almost double in size when wet. Will not absorb excess foundation and is supremely smooth, soft and light to create the perfect airbrushed finish.